May the 18th at the Knowledge center “Bake Eder”, it will be celebrated a meeting were technology will be applied to innovation and business.

In the last years, relationships between companies and public administrations have changed. The new digital channels require to be prepared for the new challenges of tech transformation, which is in constant development.

In this context, the need of choosing technologies and most appropriate processes is set out. It is a hard task. That’s because BiscayTIK and Lantik are collaborating on this roadshow thought to, through practical examples, spread the word of real tech experiences on innovation and bussines sectors, all of them based on Liferay’s platform.

Technology for innovation at BiscayTIK

From 9:30am and during all morning, we will can know different cases from real companies and public areas, in which technology has allowed to front face the double challenge of changing processes and answering new users requirements.

Between the chosen cases, Lantik is the one that highlights. They will talk about their experience in techology use as a transforming element, put on service for citizens. There will be also seen cases directed to private companies, it will be live shown the used tools for its develop and their utilities, and it will be answered the practical answers from the public.